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Postpartum Support Packages Include

During Pregnancy and Immediately Postpartum

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Prenatal Visit

As your doula, I provide a visit prior to baby’s arrival to assist in prepping your nest and listening to your goals and desires.  I also provide education on my services and how they are completed as well as breastfeeding education and resources if your goal is to breastfeed!  

The education I provide is formatted to fit you and your learning needs.  Fun and interactive learning opportunities are prepared in order to increase retention of new skills.  If you have already received breastfeeding education, that is okay!  We can utilize the time to review and answer any questions or concerns you may have after your education!

The best time to receive this education is 1-2 months prior to baby’s due date! The earlier the better!  

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Motherhood Support Packages Include

A mother's journey and support needs do not end after the standard 6-8 week postpartum period.  Motherhood support packages are available for mothers 1, 2, 5, or 10 years postpartum.

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Emotional Support

Motherhood is a beautiful period filled with many emotional moments. I will provide support by providing an open ear and heart as well as effective tools to guide you on your journey.  I will share the many resources I have available to help empower and support you as you raise little ones!  Sometimes further support is needed and I have an extensive network of further resources I can provide to you.  I will also assist you in seeking out those resources.

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Contact Whole Mama directly to schedule a discovery to learn about support details!  

We also offer gift certificates for the mama in your life!  Contact Whole Mama to learn more!

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Contact me via phone, email, or my website so we can a coordinate a time that works for all of us to meet for a FREE discovery call.  

The first phone call is a time for us to get to know each other and for you to ask questions.  We will discuss my support services and see if we are a good match! It is very important that you and your partner/support person are comfortable with me and my role on your support team.  

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